Happy new year my dear iPhone

31 December, 2013 (08:34) | Apple iPhone | By: Big Alex

Dear geeks and their iPhones! Happy new year! 2014 comming soon. I wish you good devices and gadgets in the next year. Incredible blogs and sites. I wish all of you  fast Androids and chip Apple iPhones.

Happy new Year 2014 iPhone

The best cloud storage for Android and iPhone: 25 Terabytes free

29 December, 2013 (08:02) | Cloud service | By: Big Alex

My hipster! How does your iPhone feel? Is it ok? If yes then I am glad. Okay, today we will discuss storages. Not usb flash storage or not HDD ones. I meant cloud storage that is very popular today. Each geek uses  several cloud storage for storing his/her pictures, clips, movies, Android applications and other very important information.  One year ago I used another storage which is presented on picture below:

fisr cloud storage for android

But now, I use two storages (one is dropbox with TrueCrypt and second is Google drive), my dog uses use service from justcloud.  So you see that even pets of geeks use cloud storages. But there is a problem of all current storages, they provides too small free spaces (often no more than 1Tb). The second issue of current storages is that they does include built in cryptography. So I have an idea to create my own cloud storage service for smartphones which will provode unlimited disk space and has cryptography feature (included encrypted file names).

For it I have use my new PC with dual core Intel processor and 80 Gb HDD. As you know 1 Gygabyte=1000 Terabytes, so each geek will have unlimited cloud storage. I am going to place the cloud server at my home (bed room), to provide amazing internet speed connection I will use the following device:

fast internet iphone 4G device


Apple supports GLONASS worldwide

24 December, 2013 (13:12) | Apple iPhone | By: Big Alex

I congratulate all iPhone, iPad, iPod users: Apple has plan to support GLONASS worldwide on all its i* devices.  Glonass is the first satellite-based radio navigation system, which now has global coverage. So it means that you can always get your coordinates even if GPS does not work. All geeks need to know their coordinates.

iPhone with GLONASS chip

The best hidden feature of iPhone 5

20 December, 2013 (14:07) | Apple iPhone | By: Big Alex

My dear geek, I have incredible news from smartphones area: one week ago was found THE BEST and useful hidden feature of iPhone 5. It works on Apple iPhone 4S too,  some models of android smartphones support this feature with several restrictions. Look and read! Many geeks are not satisfied with slow connection speed between iPhone and PC/iMac via iPhone USB charge/Transfer cable. There is a solution which concludes in using of special handmade cable, look at the picture below:high-speed iPhone USB charge/Transfer cable


Developing your own first game for Android: beggining

20 December, 2013 (06:05) | Android dev | By: Big Alex

Angry Birds Game for AndroidGood day, my dear bots. How about to create your own game for Android smartphone? Like “Angry Birds”, “Red Stone” or “Frozen Bubble”.  Look, all is simple.

At first, in general there are following steps for it:

  1. Think about the idea of the game. For a first game I advise to start from something simple. For example: “Gem Miner”, “ConnecToo” or even “Tetris”.
  2. Create fun pictures and icons. It can be done via Microsoft Paint, but you can try another free editor: GIMP, “Paint.NET”, “AutoCAD Drawing View” and etc.
  3. Writing java code. Don’t worry, it is very easy to develop your first Android application with Google Android Studio.
  4. Pack java and your images from step 2 to one file: just zip directory with java+images to one file with extension “.apk”
  5. Send “.apk”  to Android Market

All is simple! In my next post I will cover how to draw fun characters, then I will show the way for fast Android application development and finally it will be shown how to put your game to Google Android Market.